Partnership with SIAA

Partnership with SIAA

The SIAA model works for insurance agents at all stages, helping smaller agencies grow and prosper while increasing commission and profit-sharing levels for larger ones.

How We Started

In 1995, with encouragement from a group of insurance executives and consultants, a new business model based on the success of SAN Group was created to provide company access and other services to help grow independent agencies profitably. Not long after, SIAA put a national marketing plan in place with regional presidents signing qualified master agencies in exclusive geographic marketing territories, continuing to expand across the country.

Continental Insurance Agency Alliance (CIAA) formed in 1999 as an SIAA regional master agency covering territories across Colorado and Wyoming, offering a range of agency development and marketing support that enables our member agencies to grow their business and increase their value while retaining their independence.

The Reach of SIAA

Today, SIAA has 48 regional master agencies across the United States including Continental Insurance Agency Alliance, and has signed 13% of all independent insurance agencies across the country, making it the nation’s largest independent insurance agency distribution alliance, producing over $12.5 billion in total premium.

SIAA territories map

SIAA How it Works

How We Work Together

Together with SIAA, Continental Insurance Agency Alliance (CIAA) provides access to insurance carriers and programs otherwise unavailable to agents, allowing our member agencies to compete with any size agency in a variety of personal and commercial markets.

SIAA’s unique business model provides member agencies a distinct advantage compared to other membership-based options, offering the best aspects of local relationships with Master Agencies such as CIAA and the benefits of being part of a large national organization. On both levels, we have developed business relationships and long-term successful results with our strategic partner companies, creating a financial benefit for our member agencies.

Should you decide to join, you would have immediate access to all the market partnerships, services, profit-sharing and incentives of both Continental Insurance Agency Alliance and SIAA.